Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funcky Love Designs - Etsy Shop

I've lived in and loved New Orleans for almost rather than I care to admit. I hope I am aging like fine wine - getting better with time - just as this amazing city has.

I spent my college years majoring in English but if history were a band, I would be a groupie.

I love old things - vintage items, antiques. That is the look that I am looking for in my work - even if I have been known to be distracted by shiny objects...

For me, New Orleans is the essence of amazing - an eclectic blend of the old and the new.

My work is designed to look vintage as I love history and the flavor that time can impart..

Something old....something loved....
Over time a piece picks up history, it develops it's own little soul.
I can't actually make an item old, but I try to give it a vintage flavor and, hopefully, the beginnings of it's own little soul....

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Michelle's Charm World - Etsy Shop

My creations all come from the unexpected! I use every day items such as toys, vintage treasures, erasers, school supplies..ANYTHING that would make a never seen before piece! I like to capture your eye with something funky and make people think...was she just's fun and fabulous! I love the fun of Upcycling!! Keep in mind as with all upcycling most of these charms started out life as something else and may have minor imperfections as they were once loved as toys or buttons on clothes...know what I mean? :)

In this day and age we all grow up too fast, so here is my little 'ode' to being young again!

I am addicted to Vintage finds! I love making something old new again!

Pink Grapefruit half on a thin silver tone chain that is 19 inches long.

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Cheri Wollenberg
 - Artist and Teacher
 - Etsy Shop

Cheri has been a painter for 25 years. She loved art as a child and has lived most of her life on a farm-ranch in Oklahoma. Growing up and living in rural Oklahoma, living in Arkansas and teaching has provided endless inspiration for her painting. Cheri has a Bachelors of Art and a Masters Degree in Art Education. A long list of workshops and awards is added to her experience as a painter and her resume. 

-Original Oil Painting of Pink Roses with sprinkles of oranges,yellows, and greens
-16x20 Stretched Canvas

Occasionally I do paintings that are not in my traditional style of realism. They are more contemporary and expressive in style. In this painting I enjoyed the process of placing brilliant, creative color mixtures over background textures made with a palette knife. It has a nice feel.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Abstract Butterfly by Holly Kitaura 8"x10" An Etsy Seller

Abstract Butterfly is a beautiful 8"x10.5" signed art print by Holly Kitaura. This is professionally printed from her original acrylic and watercolor painting. It is printed on satin low-gloss paper. The print measures 8.5"x11" including a white mounting border for ease of matting, framing or just hanging by itself.

Holly Kitaura grew up in Massachusetts, but found her paradise at the age of seventeen during a vacation to Hawaii. The natural beauty inspired her to paint the colors of the rainbow and capture a whimsical view of life in the Hawaiian islands.  
Although never formally trained, Holly has grown into a unique style of painting and remains passionate about her lifelong love with creating art. Each of Holly's works expresses her vibrant fun-loving disposition and her extraordinary vision of the world.

Holly's work can be found at:

Millefiore Glass Beads

History of Millefiori

Millefiori is a glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware.
The term millefiori is a combination of the Italian words "mille" (thousand) and "fiori" (flowers) The beads were called mosaic beads before 1849. While the use of this technique long precedes the term millefiori, it is now frequently associated with Venetian glassware.

More recently, the millefiori technique has been applied to polymer clays and other materials. Because polymer clay is quite pliable and does not need to be heated and reheated in order to fuse it, it is much easier to produce millefiori patterns than with glass.

Here are some examples of Millefiori used in jewelry.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Artists - Heads Up

During the coming months I plan to feature various Etsy artists/crafters on this blog.  I will be contacting some of you directly whose work I have Favorited on my Etsy Shop.  I will also be posting in the Etsy Forums so you can volunteer your shop or your  item.  Although my shop and blog is mainly about jewelry, all crafts including art and photography will be considered for the blog.

Hopefully, this will bring more exposure to the various etsy shops who may not presently be getting enough.