Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Furnace Glass Bracelet

Just finished making this pretty black and clear furnace glass stretch bracelet.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you like what you see here's a link to my etsy shop.

I try to keep my prices low so women on a tight budget can buy something pretty for themselves or as gifts.

Here is a pretty Italian Millifiore stretch bracelet in warm tones for fall.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Pin - Coral Queen

This highly textured dragon is much whiter than the photo shows, more of a light cream.  She's stolen just about as much real coral  as she can carry back to her lair, which happens to be in the
refrigerator.  She loves ice cream, especially vanilla so be sure to check out the carton before you close it,she may  still be lurking inside.

Dragon Pin - Beach Boy

This little fella spends most of his time at the beach.  He loves the water and hides in the sand.  He carries his favorite sea shell with him all the time.  His color is like milk chocolate and he has topaz crystals amongst his wings  and down his spine.  

Dragon Pin - Sleepy Sam

Sleepy Sam.  He's always tired and looking for a place to take a snooze.  Light purple and rose are his main colors. He has a pearl on his head and  amethyst and rose glass crystals go down his back.    If he could only  find a small bed in your house he'd be so content.

Dragon Pin - Violetta

This is Violetta!  She's a shy little violet.  Her colors are pale violet antiqued with burnt umber and given a coat of gloss.  She has blue glass beads and purple crystals adorn the ridge of her back.  A tiny
rose crystal adorns her forehead.  She clutches a larger blue crystal and doesn't let go even when she sleeps. (SOLD)

Dragon Pin - Water Baby

 Water Baby.  This aquamarine dragon is adorned with aqua crystals and freshwater pearls.  She clutches a beautiful large aqua glass crystal which she bounces around in the pool or the ocean.  She's fun loving and likes to play games.  If you have a pool don't let her near the chlorine
-- it's her favorite drink.

Dragon Pins

Earlier this year I started making dragon pins with polymer clay.  I was very inspired by the pins Christi Friesen (pc Artist) made  and I tried my hand at making some.  They came out rather cute.
They are all sculpted by hand and have Swarovsky Crystals and  glass pearls or freshwater pearls wired into the clay so  they  don't fall out.  Sold a few on ebay. Posting a few photos of  them.
Hope you like them.