Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheri Wollenberg
 - Artist and Teacher
 - Etsy Shop

Cheri has been a painter for 25 years. She loved art as a child and has lived most of her life on a farm-ranch in Oklahoma. Growing up and living in rural Oklahoma, living in Arkansas and teaching has provided endless inspiration for her painting. Cheri has a Bachelors of Art and a Masters Degree in Art Education. A long list of workshops and awards is added to her experience as a painter and her resume. 

-Original Oil Painting of Pink Roses with sprinkles of oranges,yellows, and greens
-16x20 Stretched Canvas

Occasionally I do paintings that are not in my traditional style of realism. They are more contemporary and expressive in style. In this painting I enjoyed the process of placing brilliant, creative color mixtures over background textures made with a palette knife. It has a nice feel.

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Pat Atencio said...

I think this painting is beautiful!