Thursday, January 24, 2013

Polymer Necklaces I Just Finished .......

Just completed these two necklaces with round PC beads and lots of small glass beads for sparkle.  Think they will be nice for spring/summer.

 I find it's always hard to get perfectly round beads for the necklaces.  But I guess that gives them that unique handcrafted look.

Getting Back to Work.........

Tried to learn how to create beads and pendants as shown in Julie Picarello's book "Patterns in Polymer - Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques" (Great book).  I found my PC blades were not sharp enough for this new technique.  I did manage to make a few pieces with the duller blades but am not all that happy with them.

 Ordered some new tissue blades and will try again to make some of the gorgeous designs Julie has in her fantastic book.

I'm Back..............

Well I haven't posted for quite awhile.  First there was Hurricane Sandy which flooded our apartment building first floor and left several tenants with no where to sleep.  The parking lot also felt the wrath of Sandy and 16 cars were ruined, including ours. 

The 1st floor tenants were taken in by other tenants and everything was a mess for a good while.  No electric for 9 days and all food was thrown out but we didn't receive any help from FEMA for cost of food replacement. 

My hubby and I spent the month of November looking for a used car we could afford and filling out FEMA papers.   No help from FEMA there either.  But I know there were so many at the Jersey Shore who were much worse off than we were, so I'm not complaining.

Then we got the news that my 43 year old nephew was diagnosed with cancer.  We were devastated.  But with the car we just bought we are able to take him back and forth for his treatments.  So far the news is good -- considerable shrinkage of the tumor.  Waiting to find out about the surgery he will probably have to have.

Not much free time to create jewelry.