Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Color Pinch Petal Necklace in Polymer Clay

Just finished creating another pinch petal style necklace in Red and White.  This one is a little different as one side of the necklace has red petals rimmed with white and the other side white petals rimmed with red.

I love the way the red and white look together, so crisp and bright.  It will be a great necklace for the summer months.

I sometimes think that the customers looking at a handcrafted necklace have no idea about how it's made or the many steps that go into creating it.  I put together a photo showing some of the steps that went into this necklace and listed it along with the above photo in my Etsy shop -- Polymer Panache.

The photos below show a white log made of polymer clay covered with a sheet of red clay.  It is then sliced into dozens of "petals".  Then the round slice is "pinched" at one end to get the petal shape.  The pinched end is then perforated with a sharp needle.  All the petals are  placed in the oven to cure.  The last photos shows all the petals ready for stringing.
I hope this will give the customer a better idea of
the work that goes into a handcrafted product. 

See more pictures of this necklace here: