Monday, December 28, 2009

Here are some better photos of the crystal earrings

Apple green crystals - $15.00

Navy and Clear Crystals - $20.00

Red and Clear Crystal Earrings - $20.00

Purple and Black Cube Crystal Earrings - $12.00

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beautiful New Crystal earrings for the holidays.

Just finished these beauties.  Still time to buy a pair at my etsy shop to wear for New Year's Eve.

Apple Green Crystals - $15.00
These are apple green Cristazzi faceted crystals and Swarovski bicone clear crystals.

Below are gorgeous 8mm round faceted Swarovski crystals and Red Swarovski flower crystals.  Great sparkle.

Red and Clear Crystal Earrings - $20.00

 Sparkly Montana Blue Swarovski crystals and round faceted clear Swarovski crystals.

Navy and Clear Crystals - $20.00

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pretty Peach Crystals & White Swarovski Pearls Necklace & Earring Set - $25.00

A 17" necklace with Peach Faceted Czech Crystals and smaller Swarovski faceted crystals with a pearl finish. Necklace has a gold plated toggle clasp.

Matching earrings measure 1 1/4" dangle from the gold plated earwires.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peachy Pink Double Strand Bracelet and Earrings - $20.00

his adoreable double strand bracelet is made up of many different shape glass beads in shiny and frosted peach/pink beads and Swarovski faceted crystals with a white pearl finish and has a silvertone butterfly attached.

It has a silvertone toggle clasp and measures 7 1/2". The earrings are 1" long from Sterling Silver earwires.

Comes in an organza pouch.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Root Beer and Ice Givre Beads - $23.00

The minute I first saw these beautiful German Givre beads I thought of Root Beer trapped in Ice. Givre beads are beads made of a splash of color inside a clear bead. These beads have a flash of deep brown inside a 12mm round faceted clear bead. The spacers are gold color glass tube beads and it has a gold tone toggle clasp.

This is a great necklace for your Fall and Winter wardrobe.

It measures 16" and rests just at the base of the throat.

Comes in an organza drawstring pouch.


Vintage Pink Givre and Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Earring Set - $40.00

This beautiful givre (jee-vray) necklace and earring set is one of a kind which you won't find anywhere else. The necklace measures 16" and has nineteen vintage 12mm German givre beads and 22 4mm bicone clear Swarovski crystals with an Aurora Borealis finish. My how they sparkle! These givre beads have what looks like a pink rose bead inside a clear, faceted glass bead which make them very unique. Necklace has a silver plated toggle clasp.

The earrings have 4 givre beads and 6 Swarovski crystals and drop 1 1/2" from the sterling silver french earwires. A gorgeous set that can be worn both in summertime and in winter with your little black dress. Watch how they sparkle at your candle light dinner.

The givre beads are vintage. The set is hand made by me.

The necklace will arrive in an organza drawstring pouch and the earrings come in a white gift box.



New Sparkly Necklaces for the Holidays - $25.00

 Pretty olivine oval glass beads flecked with red, white and black. This colorful necklace measures 18" and has silvertone spacer beads and a silvertone toggle clasp. Necklace and earrings also have olive Swarovski crystals.

The earrings measure 1 1/2" dangle from the french sterling silver earwires.

Great colors for the Autumn and Winter.

Necklace comes shipped in an organza pouch and the earrings shipped in a white gift box.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two more new Sentiment Pendants "Laugh" and "Art" -- $9.95

Just listed two more of my new Sentiment Pendants made of Polymer Clay.  These 2 are "Laugh" in aqua and "Art" in light grey.  They would make great inexpensive gifts for friends during the holiday season.

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Sentiment" Pendants of Polymer Clay - $9.95

Worked all weekend to finish my new "Sentiment" pendants of polymer clay.  These are really cute and have  sayings such as "Love", "Laugh", "Live", "Poet", "Art", "Sassy" and several more.  Just posted 3 in my etsy shop and hopefully some folks might like them enough to buy some.

It seems as though creating jewelry is just one part of all the steps necessary to get them out there and get the message out there that they are for sale in my shop.  First the photography, then uploading the pics to the computer.  Then tweaking them in a photo editing program.  Next uploading them to etsy and then putting them up on my Facebook, Blog and Twitter.  Wow.  That's a full day's work.  Sometimes I  think I don't charge enough to cover all this extra work.   I guess other artists face the same problems and hours of labor but it is a work of love.  What would I do with all that spare time if I wasn't creating and photographing something?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Red Coral and Seashell Bracelet - $15.00

New Red Coral and Seashell bracelet to match my White and Red Coral Dragon Pin. 
Dragon Pin is $15.00

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Husband coming home from hospital

Hubby has been in hospital 6 days now.  They may release him tomorrow, I hope.  Had Congestive Heart Failure.  Filled up with 24 lbs. of fluids.  Haven't been able to create any new jewelry this past week.  Maybe once he's home I can get back to normalcy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Donating a Dragon Pin to Soccer Mom's Contest in Late November

Have just donated a Dragon Pin for a  "31 Days of Yule" contest being held on Soccer Mom's Guide to Wicca website.  There are dozens of gifts to be won on this website and it pays to stop by and see what it's all about.  You may be a lucky one.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty Purple Crystal Cubes Necklace and Earrings - $25.00

Putting up this pretty purple crystal cubes and faux pearls necklace and earring set on my etsy shop tonight.

Christmas Necklace and Earring Set - $25.00

Just finished creating a new necklace and earring set that I think will be perfect for Christmas.  It has a double strand of blue/green glass beads with faux pearls and crystals.  Silvertone accent beads give it more bling.  It has a  silvertone toggle clasp.  The necklace is 17" and the dangle earrings are 1 1/2" from the base of the sterling french earwires.  These are really pretty!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last October - Getting Published

Was just reminiscing about last July when I received a call from "Haute Handbags", a publication by Stampington, that two of my Journal Purses were going to be featured in the October, 2008 issue.  I was visiting a friend in Long Island when my husband called and gave me the message.  I was so excited.  My friend kept saying she "couldn't get me down off the ceiling".  I spent the next few months eagerly awaiting the book to be out in the bookstores.  Here's a copy of one of the pages from the article.  They really did a nice job of photographing them.

Journal Purses $29.95

  The Journal Purses are made from recycled jeans, images of old fashioned girls, silk flowers, velvet leaves, glass beads, braid and lace.  And they're all fully lined with a cell phone pocket.  Everything is hand sewn, no glue was used.

To see more Journal Purses go to my etsy shop:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aqua Glass and Crystal Beads Necklace & Earrings

Here is the newest necklace and earring set I completed last night.  A really pretty 15" choker with a toggle clasp.  Earrings have sterling silver earwires.  Stop by my etsy shop to see more unique handcrafted jewelry.

Necklace and Earrings Set - $25.00

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm worn out!

I wore myself out last night stringing a necklace that has a double strand at the front of the necklace and single strands at each side.  I wanted to make a choker but after four attempts it was still too long.  I'll finish that tomorrow.  Meanwhile I created this pair of Swarovski crystal earrings.  They're so dainty and light.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Furnace Glass Bracelet

Just finished making this pretty black and clear furnace glass stretch bracelet.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you like what you see here's a link to my etsy shop.

I try to keep my prices low so women on a tight budget can buy something pretty for themselves or as gifts.

Here is a pretty Italian Millifiore stretch bracelet in warm tones for fall.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dragon Pin - Coral Queen

This highly textured dragon is much whiter than the photo shows, more of a light cream.  She's stolen just about as much real coral  as she can carry back to her lair, which happens to be in the
refrigerator.  She loves ice cream, especially vanilla so be sure to check out the carton before you close it,she may  still be lurking inside.

Dragon Pin - Beach Boy

This little fella spends most of his time at the beach.  He loves the water and hides in the sand.  He carries his favorite sea shell with him all the time.  His color is like milk chocolate and he has topaz crystals amongst his wings  and down his spine.  

Dragon Pin - Sleepy Sam

Sleepy Sam.  He's always tired and looking for a place to take a snooze.  Light purple and rose are his main colors. He has a pearl on his head and  amethyst and rose glass crystals go down his back.    If he could only  find a small bed in your house he'd be so content.

Dragon Pin - Violetta

This is Violetta!  She's a shy little violet.  Her colors are pale violet antiqued with burnt umber and given a coat of gloss.  She has blue glass beads and purple crystals adorn the ridge of her back.  A tiny
rose crystal adorns her forehead.  She clutches a larger blue crystal and doesn't let go even when she sleeps. (SOLD)

Dragon Pin - Water Baby

 Water Baby.  This aquamarine dragon is adorned with aqua crystals and freshwater pearls.  She clutches a beautiful large aqua glass crystal which she bounces around in the pool or the ocean.  She's fun loving and likes to play games.  If you have a pool don't let her near the chlorine
-- it's her favorite drink.

Dragon Pins

Earlier this year I started making dragon pins with polymer clay.  I was very inspired by the pins Christi Friesen (pc Artist) made  and I tried my hand at making some.  They came out rather cute.
They are all sculpted by hand and have Swarovsky Crystals and  glass pearls or freshwater pearls wired into the clay so  they  don't fall out.  Sold a few on ebay. Posting a few photos of  them.
Hope you like them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Cat Jewelry

Here is a cute, fun bracelet and earring set for all you cat lovers out there (me too).

The bracelet has lots of little silvertone kitties charms on a silvertone bracelet with a toggle clasp. The earrings have 2 little clear Swarovski crystal on each for sparkle.

More Millifiore Bracelets and Earrings

Gorgeous Blue/Green Millifiore Earrings and matching Bracelet. Also, Deep Blue Millifiore Earrings and Bracelet. Earrings are on sterling silver French earwires. Bracelets are stretch bracelets on elastic.

These pieces are pretty enough to wear to the office and on into the evening. And the prices are reasonable enough to purchase both sets.

FREE SHIPPING at my etsy