Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michelle's Charm World - Etsy Shop

My creations all come from the unexpected! I use every day items such as toys, vintage treasures, erasers, school supplies..ANYTHING that would make a never seen before piece! I like to capture your eye with something funky and make people think...was she just's fun and fabulous! I love the fun of Upcycling!! Keep in mind as with all upcycling most of these charms started out life as something else and may have minor imperfections as they were once loved as toys or buttons on clothes...know what I mean? :)

In this day and age we all grow up too fast, so here is my little 'ode' to being young again!

I am addicted to Vintage finds! I love making something old new again!

Pink Grapefruit half on a thin silver tone chain that is 19 inches long.

See more of Michelle's artistry here:

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