Monday, November 9, 2009

"Sentiment" Pendants of Polymer Clay - $9.95

Worked all weekend to finish my new "Sentiment" pendants of polymer clay.  These are really cute and have  sayings such as "Love", "Laugh", "Live", "Poet", "Art", "Sassy" and several more.  Just posted 3 in my etsy shop and hopefully some folks might like them enough to buy some.

It seems as though creating jewelry is just one part of all the steps necessary to get them out there and get the message out there that they are for sale in my shop.  First the photography, then uploading the pics to the computer.  Then tweaking them in a photo editing program.  Next uploading them to etsy and then putting them up on my Facebook, Blog and Twitter.  Wow.  That's a full day's work.  Sometimes I  think I don't charge enough to cover all this extra work.   I guess other artists face the same problems and hours of labor but it is a work of love.  What would I do with all that spare time if I wasn't creating and photographing something?


Aalina Eden said...

i appriciat your sentiment thats really great pendant.

Vintage Pendants

Vintage Pendants said...

you are absolutely right all the searches end at this sentiment pendants of polymer clay. Cute one i love it