Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last October - Getting Published

Was just reminiscing about last July when I received a call from "Haute Handbags", a publication by Stampington, that two of my Journal Purses were going to be featured in the October, 2008 issue.  I was visiting a friend in Long Island when my husband called and gave me the message.  I was so excited.  My friend kept saying she "couldn't get me down off the ceiling".  I spent the next few months eagerly awaiting the book to be out in the bookstores.  Here's a copy of one of the pages from the article.  They really did a nice job of photographing them.

Journal Purses $29.95

  The Journal Purses are made from recycled jeans, images of old fashioned girls, silk flowers, velvet leaves, glass beads, braid and lace.  And they're all fully lined with a cell phone pocket.  Everything is hand sewn, no glue was used.

To see more Journal Purses go to my etsy shop:


The Tote Trove said...

What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!

Funky Time Art said...

What gorgeous purses you made. I don't often look through that magazine. I know I should now because I would see beautiful purses like yours. Congrats on being published it is a goal of mine and I would be on cloud 9 as well. Keep creating your beautiful work!

Pat Atencio said...

Thanks Tote Trove and Funky Time Art. It was a really big thrill for me. Keep at whatever you're creating. If it could happen for me it can happen to anyone. Just don't give up.