Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learned a new technique.

I saw a beautiful necklace a few years ago at a local jewelry shop at Pier Village in Long Branch (on the boardwalk).  It appeared to be crocheted wire with black and white beads crocheted into the necklace.  Recently I came across a YouTube video showing instructions how to make this type of necklace.  At first it was a little difficult but, as you work on it, it gets easier.  Here is my first crocheted necklace:

This necklace is made up of white pearls, aqua crystals and aqua glass twist beads on gold wire with a pretty clasp.  It is a three strand necklace braided together.  Came out really nice.

Here is my second crocheted necklace in browns:

This one has large tan glass pearls, smaller chocolate pearls, small gold crystals and larger beige button crystals, again 3 gold wire strands braided together.  They can both be seen at my Etsy shop: Polymer Panache.

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