Monday, January 31, 2011

My New Second Etsy Shop

I haven't blogged lately due to making jewelry with a different look and starting up a new Etsy Shop to feature it.  My new shop is called Polymer Panache.

I'm planning to create more jewelry with polymer clay and I've already posted a few of the new designs.  Of course, I will also be using some crystals and glass beads (love the glitter of crystals and glass) and have put a few of these up on the new shop too.  Some of these are made with black velvet beads as well.  Striking effect.

I'm aiming for a more dramatic effect in the necklaces I make.  Styles that women who want something different and who have the confidence to wear unusual styles will appreciate.

Here are a few of the new pieces.

Polymer clay textured blue and purple flat beads with an irridescent finish.

Polymer clay can be made to look at so many other materials.  This black necklace looks like black lava and the copper beads are also polymer clay dusted with copper powder and given a protective finish.

These black and white polymer clay beads are stylized, heavily textured leaves and red ceramic berries as accents.


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